10. Parklife

NARRATOR: ‘Parklife’ by Leah Kharibian, an audio script-writer and occasional film-maker who lives in Leicestershire. Ted  Musing to himself  Don’t know why they gave him a bike for his birthday – pointless really. He’s sat on it once this morning, and that was just to ring the bell. I told them, ‘All the lad needs is a football – an honest-to-goodness football and a bit of grass to play on, that’s all a boy his age ever needs.’ And look at him, happy as Larry. Out loud, to the boy, encouraging  That’s it, Johnny, don’t take your eyes off it! Remember you’re the hawk and that ball’s the rabbit! Haynes  To himself, sniffing for scents  Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit. Hruff, squirrel? Squirrel? [Sniffs again] Rabbit. Hruff, young rabbit. [Sighs] Old dog. Old dog, old paws. Sore paws. Ted  To the dog  Come on Haynes old boy, move it along. You’re feeling your age, aren’t you? You and me both. To himself  And losing the cup didn’t help. Sucked all the life out the summer. [Brighter] But another season, another chance, that’s the way to look at it. And you can’t fault a morning like this. Lovely. [Pauses] That boy could do … Continue reading 10. Parklife