Chiswick House Friends

Join our dynamic network of supporters who enjoy the estate and work with the Trust to safeguard its future.

Chiswick House Friends have played a pivotal role in the restoration, protection and appreciation of Chiswick House and Gardens for more than 30 years.

From acquiring paintings and furnishings for the House, to helping the Trust’s School Learning Programme or match funding major projects, the Friends support the Trust as it develops the Estate for the whole community.

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Build this Lego® Brick Model to support Chiswick House

Chiswick House is being kept open for us all to enjoy, but with the loss of over 60% of event income it has hit the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust hard. Chiswick House Friends are launching a Lego® Brick Model fundraiser to raise much needed funds. You can help by building this exciting two-metre-long Lego® brick model of Chiswick House, to raise funds for the House and Gardens.

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