Support confirmed for essential repairs for Chiswick House and Gardens Conservatory

Chiswick House and Gardens Trust is pleased to announce that it has received funding from Viridor Credits, with help from the Chiswick House Friends, which will enable essential repairs to the Grade I Listed Conservatory that is situated on the Estate.

The Conservatory was commissioned by the 6th Duke of Devonshire, the great-grandson of Lord Burlington (who built Chiswick House), in the early 19th century and is now home to a heritage camellia collection, which bloom marvellously every March. At 300ft long, it was one of the earliest large glass houses to be built, and thus a forerunner to Decimus Burton’s glass house at Kew and Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace.

Today, the Conservatory is one of the beloved parts of the Estate and equally needs a lot of tender love and care, through a robust management and maintenance programme. The repairs for this year are particularly costly and so Chiswick House and Gardens Trust pursued funding from the Viridor Credits Environmental Company, who are part of the Landfill Communities Fund. To secure this funding support was sought from the community, by way of letters of support, and from the Chiswick House Friends. Chiswick House and Gardens Trust is grateful to everyone who assisted with this project and to Viridor Credits for awarding the funding, all of which will ensure that the Conservatory receives the repairs it needs and can continue to welcome visitors and admirers for many years to come.

The Conservatory will now be closed from 30 September until the works are completed, which is estimated to be at least 8 weeks. The Trust asks that our community and visitors bear with us whilst this work is underway, to enable these vital structural improvements to be made, and we look forward to reopening the Conservatory in due course.

Viridor Credits is looking for further projects to fund located within 10 miles of active Viridor managed landfill sites or ERFs. Applicants can visit, call 01823 476476, or email