Kitchen Garden

How to visit

Our Kitchen Garden will be open from Thursday 28 March.

Entry is Free.

Opening Hours are Thursday–Sunday, 10.30am–3.30pm.

About the Kitchen Garden

Building on its 350-year history, our walled Kitchen Garden is a thriving, productive space within the 65-acre Chiswick Gardens. It’s where our community groups meet, garden, get creative and feel at ease. It’s where we grow a broad range of produce for sale and for donation to local food charities. A walled haven, it is a space for visitors to find peace and inspiration, experience seasonal produce growing and see gardeners at work.

No week is ever the same in the Kitchen Garden, with diverse seasonal planting, new plants blooming and harvesting at least nine months of the year. We are constantly evolving to adapt to our community’s needs and responding to the impact of climate change. We are investing in the future of the Kitchen Garden to ensure to is useful, welcoming, sustainable and a beautiful place to visit. 

What will you experience when you visit?

  • Talk to and see our gardeners at work
  • Watch the garden change week to week
  • There will be opportunities to taste and pick
  • Fresh, seasonal, produce will be for sale from 11am on Thursday and Saturdays at the entrance to the Kitchen Garden (please note, we we exclusively accept card payments for produce transactions.)

A walled haven

Our vision for the kitchen garden is to continue to evoke history and be inspired by it. This space designed in the 17th century for productivity and for people to spend time in, remains fit for its original purpose. We are creating new memories and traditions, adapting to climate changes and our communities’ needs, providing a beautiful, diverse, and changing walled haven.

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