In Celebration

Sponsoring a Memorial Bench is a wonderful way to celebrate an important moment or commemorate the life of a loved one, at the same time as supporting the future of Chiswick House & Gardens.

Memorial Benches

We have over 90 benches situated throughout the gardens, with designs varying depending on their position within the landscape. Celebration and memorial inscriptions are mounted on brass plaques (15cm x 5 cm) affixed to the centre back of the bench.

You have the option to sponsor a new bench or a refurbished bench, with costs starting at £4,500 for new and £1,110 for refurbished.

If you would like to consider celebrating a life or special moment in this way and would like more information, please get in touch with

Memorial trees and scattering of ashes

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer memorial trees or the scattering of ashes in the gardens. Tree planting is restricted because of the Grade I-listing and heritage status of the Gardens.

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