Do you have a friend or relative who loved these Gardens? Investing in a memorial can keep their memory alive and support the future of this special place.

Memorial Benches

Over 100 memorial benches are situated throughout the Gardens.

The design varies depending on their position within the landscape. A memorial bench can be mounted with one 15cm x 5cm brass plaque with a short inscription.

We consider all new applications for memorial benches on a first come first served basis. Memorials cost £4,000; this covers the cost of the bench, plaque, maintenance and a donation towards the Chiswick House and Gardens Trust.

Each bench is regularly maintained and lasts for ten years. After this time, you may purchase another bench for the same location.

Get in touch to arrange a memorial bench.

Memorial trees and scattering of ashes

We cannot offer memorial trees or the scattering of ashes in the gardens. Tree planting is restricted because of the Grade I listing and heritage status of the Gardens.

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