Meet Me at the Gates is our new restoration project, working with Hammersmith Community Gardens Association and Cavendish School to improve the grounds around one of our historical gates.

Watch a short video to see what the students experienced:

Students from Cavendish School attend regularly to clear beds, plant seeds and build hedges to enhance the entrance around Corney Road Gate. These practical gardening activities give local children from urban areas the opportunities to get their hands in the soil and learn about plants growing and healthy habitats, while strengthening their connection to nature.

Working with our local community, we learned that a lot of young people lack access to greenspaces. Even with access to our gardens, there are few opportunities for local schoolchildren to enjoy, explore and develop a love of nature through active hands-on horticultural activities, led by experienced and knowledgeable gardeners in a safe and inspiring local space.

This project responds to these needs and aims to raise awareness of local environmental issues, such as air quality, biodiversity, environmental sustainability as well as physical and mental wellbeing.

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