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A historic villa, grand vistas, hidden pathways, architectural delights and a dazzling array of flowers, shrubs and specimen trees – Chiswick is an outstanding setting for filming and photography.
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Setting the scene

Fees start at £250 + VAT per hour, minimum 4 hours. Large scale feature filming and location work available.

Follow in the footsteps of the Duke of Devonshire who entertained Queen Victoria and Emperor Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia in 1844.

The Beatles filmed videos for ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’ here in 1966. More recently we have welcomed Harvey Nichols, Chanel and Vogue.

Photos and video courtesy of Apple Corps Ltd

Filming Policies

There are special conditions regarding the safe and appropriate use of the gardens and these should be discussed along with the exact areas to be used, with a Chiswick House Garden Trust (CHGT) on a site recce.

  • Filming personnel shall respect the access of others using the property at all times. The safety of others within the gardens shall be paramount; access points and walkways should not be blocked with filming equipment & filming personnel shall ensure that filming equipment does not pose a tripping hazard. Cabling should be covered and laid so as to eliminate trip hazards
  • Filming personnel shall take great care with the placement and positioning of filming equipment at all times and shall ensure that all footage is achieved in a safe and responsible manner
  • As required by CHGT, heavy filming equipment & props should be placed on matting or protective boards if there is risk of damage, particularly if the weather has been wet.
  • The fixing, securing or leaning of filming equipment or props to the trees or garden statutory is prohibited unless otherwise expressly agreed with a CHGT coordinator
  • Filming equipment shall not be left unattended on site at any time and stowed away responsibly when not in use.
  • Vehicle activity at the property to be kept to an absolute minimum but please discuss with us your requirements and we will accommodate where possible.
  • Please be aware that all vehicles should park in public car parking areas for the duration of the shoot unless otherwise expressly agreed with a CHGT representative.
  • Any litter produced by filming personnel shall be cleared from the site by the end of the photo shoot period
  • The filming and subsequent broadcasting of any material that may unfairly or inaccurately bring CHGT into disrepute is prohibited.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all persons working on site/in filming personnel are familiar with the terms of this agreement prior to the photo shoot period
  • Gates open from 7am and close at dusk, however earlier and later access can be arranged but additional fees will apply.
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