Walkies & Waggietails

Walkies & Waggietails are back in the Walled Garden in February, with their fun, force-free approach to dog training and behaviour that inspires joy, connection and compassion.

Bookings have just opened for the following courses:

  1. ‘Walkies’ in the park course –  recall, heel and play troubleshooting
  2. Dog Parkour Fusion – quirky urban agility  – 3 levels
  3. UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze & Silver

Please check the Walkies & Waggietails website for dates and further details.

Discover the courses that will be taking place:

Walkies in the Park

Improving recall, appropriate play and lead walking.

These dog training courses are designed to help improve enjoyable dog walks in the park to increase responsiveness with reliable recalls, enhance your fun together in social settings and environments, minimise potential risks and enrich bonding time with your dog in real life contexts and situations.

What it entails:

  • Increased responsiveness and reliable recalls
  • Focus and connection to you even around the distractions of people and other dogs
  • Whistle training for long distance, high distractions recalls
  • Working through prey drive to carefully manage ‘squirrel urges’
  • Leaving rubbish and other people’s balls and picnic’s in the park
  • Calm meet and greets with dogs
  • Guiding appropriate play with dogs
  • Preventing jumping up at people in the park
  • Loose lead walking in real life contexts
  • Using scent games and Parkour on walks for the additional fun factor!

Start dates: 

Sunday 25 February, 9am

Wednesday 21 February, 11.30am

Course length:

5 weeks


Chiswick House Private Walled Gardens





Dog Parkour Fusion

Always a very popular course, our Dog Parkour Fusion courses will be continuing.

Dog Parkour Fusion blends elements of human Parkour, like balancing, climbing and crawling over obstacles, with other dog-training disciplines such as obedience, trick-training, agility, hoopers and Tellington-Touch to form a fun fusion of quirky urban style agility.

The courses and challenges are a fun experience for both dog and owner, providing mental and sensory stimulation, while building responsiveness, confidence and trust that further enhances your bond.

The first ‘Foundation Course’ is a short course over five weeks learning the basic core positions, postures, and skills needed to start and progress your journey throughout the different levels.

Graduation of this course then opens doors to further Discover courses increasing in difficulty as the levels continue.

Start date and times: 

Foundation Level:

Saturday 24 February, 9am

Friday 23 February, 2.30pm

Level 1 Discover:  Saturday 24 February, 10.30am

Level 2 Discover:  Saturday 24 February, 12pm

Course Length:

5 weeks


Chiswick House Private Walled Garden and Cherry Orchard



‘UK Sniffer Dogs’ Scent Detection for Domestic Dogs

A Five-week scent detection course for domestic dogs as a fun learning and bonding experience while providing life-enrichment.

We all know that sniffing is an activity our dogs love!  A huge part of their brain focuses on sniffing and scent detection and 70% of their communication with each other is olfactory.  The act of sniffing and detection is hugely self-rewarding for dogs.  Why not help our dogs use their nose and enjoy playing games in detection and problem solving to improve mental stimulation and enrichment in their lives.

  • Teach your dog to search and indicate a chosen scent
  • Carry out pipe and bag searches
  • Great mental simulation and enrichment for your dog
  • Learn all about your dog’s amazing nose and how to use it
  • Great fun and bonding between you and your dog

Start Date and Time:

Silver Level Scent:  Sunday 25 February, 10.30am

Bronze Level Scent:  Sunday 25 February, 12pm

Course Length:

5 weeks


Chiswick House Private Walled Garden and Cherry Orchard



To book please email enquiries@walkiesandwaggietails.co.uk

These courses typically book up within 48 hours, so we do recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.

Full details of all the courses are available on the training courses page of the Walkies and Waggietails website.

We do recommend early booking to avoid disappointment as these courses do book up very quickly.