Walkies & Waggietails launch outdoor dog training at Chiswick House & Gardens

We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Walkies and Waggietails to provide private outdoor dog training in the Walled Garden and Cherry Orchard.

Launching on Saturday 12 March, these dog training courses will be held in our two-acre private and secure Walled Garden and Cherry Orchard. The training is designed to help improve your dog’s behaviour for more enjoyable dog walks in the park. Walkies and Waggietails are offering 10% discount for our Members.

Walkies and Waggietails provide the highest standards in behavioural science. Founder Paula O’Sullivan is a fully qualified clinical canine behaviourist and advanced level trainer, and her team are fully accredited Kennel Club trainers. The training courses aim to improve recall, appropriate play and lead walking skills.

Initially they will be running two five-week courses ‘Walkies in the Park’ and ‘Dog Parkour Fusion – Foundation Course’. Future courses include ‘Dog Parkour Fusion Adventure’, ‘UK Sniffer Dog’, ‘Kennel Club Good Citizen’ and private one-to-one training programmes.

Walkies in the Park
Starting on Saturday 12 March (10-11am), Walkies in the Park is a five-week course including:

  • Increased responsiveness and reliable recalls
  • Focus and connection to you even around the distractions of people and other dogs
  • Whistle training
  • Working through prey drive to carefully manage ‘squirrel urges’
  • Emergency stops
  • Calm meet and greets with dogs
  • Guiding appropriate play with dogs
  • Preventing jumping up at people in the park
  • Loose lead walking in real life contexts
  • Using scent games and parkour on walks for the additional fun factor!

The cost of the course is £138 per dog (10% discount for our Members). Limited places available.

Dog Parkour Fusion
Also starting on Saturday 12 March (11.15am-12.15pm), Dog Parkour Fusion is a five-week course that blends elements of human parkour, such as balancing, climbing and crawling, with dog-training disciplines including obedience, tricks, hoopers and ‘Tellington-TTouch’.

This short Foundation Course establishes the basic core positions, postures, and skills needed to start and progress your journey throughout the Dog Parkour ‘Discover’ and ‘Adventure’ levels.

The cost of the course is £125 per dog (10% discount for our Members). Limited places available.

Book at www.walkiesandwaggietails.co.uk/registration