Meet Gianluca, our new Estate Garden Apprentice

In the spotlight for National Apprenticeship Week, is Gianluca Bastillo, our recently appointed Estate Garden Apprentice. Dive into his green world as he shares the highs and learnings of his apprenticeship journey funded by Brown’s Solicitors.

Tell us about your apprenticeship journey so far 

I am currently on my 5th month (that has gone so fast!) of my apprenticeship as an Estate Gardener. My apprenticeship is a two-year course, involving a four-day working week at Chiswick House & Gardens and one day a week studying at Capel Manor College in Regents Park.

Give us a flavour of your work so far?

I have done quite a lot over the last few months, from weeding to planting, coppicing to harvesting, I have learned a lot and I have been so lucky to have found such an amazing and focused team; everyone has been so welcoming, encouraging, and supportive. Plus, we’ve got an so many fantastic volunteers making the garden magic happen.

What has been your favorite task so far?

This is a difficult question! I definitely like the variety I have been offered. No two days are the same; most days, we do different activities. I love witnessing the changing seasons and taking on the different jobs that this offers.

What’s the buzz about your upcoming project?

I project that’s coming up for me is tending to my own section of the gardens. Which I have already started working on but I am looking forward to seeing what more I can do and how I can learn from the changes. What excites me about this is that I am sure it will be a great confidence booster and it will provide me with an idea of what my future in gardening can look like.