We want to hear from you: Chiswick House and Gardens over the next ten years

The last six months have been very difficult for everyone. For us, the pandemic has made it very hard to earn the income to manage the Estate for the unprecedented number of visitors we have welcomed during this time.

But we are also conscious that the Estate has survived for nearly 300 years, through the flu pandemic of 1775; the cholera epidemic of 1832 and Spanish Flu in 1918; through two world wars; outlasting the reigns of eight monarchs from the Stuarts to the Windsors. The House was built in the period of Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole and 75 others have held office since then. We prevailed then; we will prevail now.

We are determined to see the Estate flourish and for our charitable works to bring its joys to a wider audience, and to do this we need your input. We have set out our ideas for how we might develop our management responsibilities over the next decade.

We are asking you – members of our local community, partners and visitors – to tell us what you think. We invite you to read our draft 10-year strategy and send us your thoughts by email to info@chgt.org.uk by 31st October 2020.

Click to view: CHGT Draft Strategy 2020